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The Project

Enjoy the essentials: 
Elegance and location

SUMA is a human-centered living environment. A perfect balance between shapes and volumes, the harmonious living space features an abundant fenestration and private balcony.

This community of 66 condominiums on 7 floors is sure to charm you while meeting your daily needs.

Access to public
dining areas
The neighborhood

Suma, a prime location in Montreal's vibrant heart

Take in spectacular views of Mont-Royal and downtown Montreal. Enjoy a front-row seat to the fireworks and to the light shows of the Jacques-Cartier bridge. SUMA offers you a prime spot in the heart of the city.

At the intersection of 3 lively neighborhoods, SUMA is your new destination at the epicenter of Montreal’s vibrant renewal.

Experience Montreal Differently, SUMA condominiums.

Explore the best of the city
just steps from your home!

Quartier des lumières

The village

Old port

Parc des Faubourgs

Parc Lafontaine

And more

Beyond location

SUMA is about living in maximized, thoughtfully designed and inspiring spaces. With its refined style and zen aesthetic, each moment brings a sense of wellness.

Embrace simplicity to savor every moment. Welcome to your new haven.

Perfectly positioned at the center of the island of Montreal

Perfectly positioned at the center of the island of Montreal

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